Find the stillness within…
Vinyasa-inspired classes led by experienced instructors

Yoga classes for beginner through to experienced yogis

Counteract the undesirable effects of your busy life by cultivating a sense of deep calm in body and mind with yoga classes at our Ashmore studio.

With the pace of modern life, many people are finding themselves feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed. Frantically trying to juggle responsibilities and daily to-do lists, our bodies are wired and our minds are in overdrive. Living this way for too long will begin to take a toll on your energy, health and zest for life. The best antidote? Regular yoga classes at Grounded!

The yoga classes we offer at our Ashmore studio are designed to help you find balance. With skilled and experienced instructors, explore various styles of yoga to find the ones that best suits your needs. In our spacious dedicated yoga space, fully equipped with mats and yoga props, you’ll be led through various postures designed to quiet the mind while gently moving the body to reduce tension. So, take a deep breath and carve out some space to connect back to the stillness within by joining us for yoga classes in our Ashmore studio. For an even more relaxed class, check out our Yin yoga classes

Are yoga classes at Grounded for you?

We’ve designed the yoga classes in our Ashmore studio to ensure they’re suitable for yogis of all levels of experience and fitness.

Whether it’s your first class ever or just your first class with us, we’ll ensure you feel welcome and comfortable while guiding you through a safe practice. Yoga is all about connecting with your body and working with wherever you are at on that day. This allows for people of varying levels to comfortably practice beside each other in the one class. Instructors will encourage you to listen to your body while they guide you through both flowing and static posture holds. Come in and try a yoga class in our Ashmore studio and rediscover a calm, relaxed body and mind.

For a long, lean body and a quiet mind

The benefits of yoga for your body, mind and soul are plentiful.

A regular yoga class in our Ashmore studio will help you to build more flexibility, strength, balance and stability—all of which improve your posture and help to reduce pain and inflammation in the body. As a restorative practice that focuses on deep diaphragmatic breathing, yoga is a wonderful way to reduce stress levels and instil a deep sense of tranquillity. All of this translates to better stress resilience, more restorative sleep, improved focus, lower blood pressure and boosted circulation. Really, what’s not to love? Pop on in for a class at our Ashmore yoga studio and experience the difference a yoga practice can make to your wellbeing.

Your antidote to a busy life