Yin Yoga

Find deep relaxation and softer muscles
Yin Yoga
Unlock fascia tension through this slow and gentle practice

Yin Yoga classes to immediately unwind your body and mind

For a truly restorative experience, join us for a Yin yoga class in our Ashmore studio. Focusing on longer holds, this gentle practice is perfect for calming the mind and deepening your stretch.

Sometimes we feel like a more vigorous flowing yoga practise and other times we feel as though we want to go deeper and hold our positions for longer. For those times, there’s Yin Yoga. With postures that focus on areas encompasses a joint (such as your spine, sacrum or hips), our experienced instructors will guide you towards a deeply relaxed body and mind.

The Yin yoga classes we offer our Ashmore studio are designed to help you connect the stillness within. In Yin yoga classes, it’s common to hold postures for 3-5 minutes each, sometimes more. Allow yourself to be guided through stretches that gently soften the connective tissue and fascia of your muscles, tightness in which is often the cause of discomfort in the body. Our spacious dedicated yoga space is fully equipped with mats and props, so all you need to do is find the hour in your schedule, arrive and roll out your mat. If you’d like something a little more energetic (but still calming), you may wish to join one of our more flowing yoga classes

Are Yin yoga classes at Grounded for you?

Yin yoga classes in our Ashmore studio are designed to help you truly slow down.

Holding each posture for longer teaches you to listen to your body. It teaches you to breathe through discomfort and accept whatever might be present in the moment. Yin yoga classes are ideal for those who experience anxiety, depression or who are may be managing ongoing stress. They will help you to experience a deeper relaxation, sit more comfortably through meditation and improve your other yoga practices.

For a deeply restorative yoga practice

A regular and consistent commitment to a Yin yoga practice in our Ashmore studio will help you to reduce stress levels while improving your resilience to stress and mobility of your joints, connective tissue and muscles.

You will also begin to regulate energy in your body and balance your body and mind. As a practice that forces you to slow down, Yin yoga can teach you to stay present to your body and the moment, forcing deadlines, to-do lists and other commitments into the background. Come and experience a Yin yoga class in our Ashmore studio and discover for yourself the powerfully restorative effects of this practice.

Unlock hidden tension and find the stillness within