Build functional muscle and a strong, lean body
Low impact strength-based exercises for young and old

Strength and conditioning classes to motivate and inspire

Strength and conditioning classes in our Bundall studio are a fantastic way to get back into shape or maintain exceptional health.

Using dumbbells, strength bands and swiss balls, along with your own body weight for resistance, we will guide you through exercises designed to work your whole body. Our strength and conditioning classes are led by friendly, experienced trainers who will work with you to reach your own personal fitness goals. Since everything can be adapted and adjusted to suit all fitness and strength levels, this is a great class for everyone.

You’ll find our strength and conditioning classes to be motivating, inspiring and more fun than you think. Held in our spacious and light-filled studio, rediscover your love for exercise while building lean muscles and boosting your fat burning capabilities. No one likes monotony, so we change up the classes each time to keep you inspired and engaged.

Are Strength classes at Grounded for you?

Low impact and relatively low intensity, Strength is a great starting point for anyone who wants to get their fitness back.

That said, classes are also scalable for those who want to challenge themselves. Commit to a regular strength and conditioning class and watch as your body begins to transform. You’ll be surprised how easily you begin to build strength and tone muscles, quickly progressing from your starting point. If you are looking for something that will leave you feeling fresh, energised and good about yourself—this is it.

For a healthy heart, good balance and strong bones

Studies indicate that strength and conditioning training can benefit your heart health, protect your bone density, improve your balance and help you maintain a healthy weight.

Strong, defined muscles also help to protect you from injury. Muscle degeneration is a part of ageing. In fact, from 30 onwards, unless we continue to maintain or build it through physical activity, we lose around 3-5% of our lean muscle mass per year. This is one of the ways through which our body shape may begin to change without us really understanding why. So, counteract this by joining us for strength and conditioning classes at Grounded. We just know you’ll love them as much as we do!

Build your strength