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Reformer Pilates classes for all levels

Experience reformer Pilates classes at Grounded

A twist on straight reformer Pilates classes, at Grounded you’ll work with a variety of Pilates equipment for a whole body workout.

When you first lay eyes on a Pilates reformer machine, it can look a little daunting—like some kind of medieval torture chamber! However, with the right instruction and care you’ll quickly fall in love with this versatile modality. Reformer Pilates classes in our Gold Coast studio include a whole range of different apparatus for even more variety.

Run in small groups of no more than 10, you’ll move between reformer, barrel, chair and floorwork to deeply condition your core and key muscle groups. Small groups allow our skilled and experienced instructors the space to focus on each individual, ensuring you’re maintaining correct posture and position for optimum benefit. Due to the limited numbers, advanced bookings for this class are essential.

Are reformer Pilates classes at Grounded for you?

Reformer Pilates classes at Grounded’s Gold Coast studio are suitable for young and old.

The small groups allow for more individualised attention, so you can feel confident you’ll be well looked after. The intensity of each unique exercise can be modified by adjusting the spring resistance of the machine. This makes it perfect for all fitness and mobility levels as it allows you to focus on activating the correct muscles while you’re learning, then adjust the resistance once you’ve built up strength. They’re perfect for injury rehabilitation, back pain, posture correction and also great for developing a strong foundation to prevent future injuries. Come along and experience Pilates reformer classes at our Gold Coast studio for yourself. We guarantee you’ll find yourself quickly addicted to this enjoyable and effective exercise method.

For general physique maintenance through to injury management

Grounded Pilates reformer classes on the Gold Coast will help to build strength, stability, balance, mobility and flexibility in your body.

Focusing on your core, buttocks, legs, back and arms, you’ll build long, lean and flexible muscles. In your life this translates to better posture, more graceful movement, relief from pain associated with imbalances in the body, strong bones and injury prevention. Pilates reformer exercises are often included in rehabilitation programs to help increase mobility and stretch after injury. If you experience back pain, neck pain or regular general aches and pains, you will likely experience relief by including reformer Pilates into your regular routine.

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