Functional Fitness

Put your strength, endurance and stability to the test
Functional Fitness
Dynamic functional fitness training to challenge your comfort zone

Functional training classes for all levels of fitness

We’re not going to lie. Functional training classes in our Bundall studio will push you—but how do you know what you’re capable of unless you test yourself?

If you are looking for a motivating, high energy class to burn off or work up some energy, Functional Fitness is it. Who knew getting your sweat on could be so much fun? Working through a dynamic interval-style circuit of functional exercises, we will condition your body and get your metabolism firing.

Led by experienced trainers who know how to guide you to your limits without pushing you too far, you’ll discover a new love for this engaging style of fitness training. While each class will be slightly different, they all fuse together strength training, cardio and stability work for a dynamic workout. We’ll utilise various equipment such as weights, ropes, chin up bars and fit balls to functionally train you from top to toe. Water and a towel are a must for this high energy class.

Are Functional Fitness training classes at Grounded for you?

If you’re wanting to build a strong, lean and healthy body—this is the class for you. The best part about Functional Fitness training classes in our Bundall studio is that they’re scalable.

This means you can start wherever you’re at and progress as your body starts to tone and strengthen. While it is a high intensity, high impact class, all exercises can be adapted to suit all fitness and mobility levels. Whether you’re new to functional fitness as a style of training or just looking for a new studio to call your home, we welcome you to join us at Grounded.

Build strong muscles and stimulate your metabolism

Building muscle helps to amp up your metabolism which essentially turns your body into a fat burning machine.

From the age of 30 onwards, unless you actively build muscle you lose it. So, if you want to maintain a fit, healthy, strong body, regularly committing to a class like Functional Fitness training in our Bundall studio is a must.

Body fat burning aside, strong, stable muscles protect us from injury and allow us to move through our day with ease. Functional training focuses on movement patterns such as squatting, sitting, twisting or lunging rather than isolated muscle activation. Think the difference between doing a bicep curl with a dumbbell and holding dumbbells in your hands while you do a lunge. Functional movement is something we want to maintain for all our years to come so this is a great class to help you age with grace. Want the same benefits with a little less intensity? Check out our Strength classes.

Get functionally fit