Feel the burn…
High intensity cardio classes to get your heart pumping

Interval-style cardio classes for all levels of fitness

Looking for a motivating and inspiring high energy class? You’ll love Burn—cardio-focused classes in our Bundall studio.

Get fit fast. With an emphasis on cardio, these classes incorporate strength by using your body weight as resistance. Run over timed intervals, you’ll work through various movements designed to get your heart rate up and your muscles burning. From push ups, burpies, squats and lunges to Turkish getups—and everything in between—we rotate through a variety of movements that engage your whole body, with brief intervals of rest in between.

Cardio-focused Burn classes in our Bundall studio are led by expert trainers who are passionate about getting you excited to move again. The perfect calorie-burner, Burn classes will leave you feeling energised, motivated and comfortable in your own skin. You’ll definitely get your sweat on in these classes, so we recommend bringing water and a towel.

Are Burn classes at Grounded for you?

We’ve structured Burn cardio classes in our Bundall-based studio to ensure they are adaptable for anyone of any fitness level.

Yes, they are probably going to burn—that’s exactly what they’ve been designed to do! However, all classes can be taken at your own pace. You’re in the driver seat and can choose for yourself when to amp up the intensity or slow down. Our trainers will work with you to ensure good posture and alignment for maximum benefit. Whether you’re a fitness junkie or have been out of the game for a while, come down and get your burn on with us. If you’re a little nervous, perhaps start with our 30min class and ease your way up to 45min.

The ultimate calorie-burner

These cardio-focused classes in our Bundall holistic fitness studio will get your metabolism firing.

This makes them a great way to tone and shape up fast. Cardio exercise is particularly helpful for lowering blood pressure and regulating blood sugar. It’s also renowned for getting endorphins flowing which translates to an instant mood lift and better resilience for whatever your day throws at you. Regular and consistent exercise will result in a stronger body and this can help to address back, neck and shoulder pain resulting from core instability or postural imbalances. Clearly, the benefits speak for themselves! Benefits aside, Burn classes in our Bundall studio are great fun. Come down and experience one for yourself.

Get your burn on