Manage your stress while getting fit
High intensity boxing classes to improve your physical and mental health

The ultimate boxing drill and boxfit circuit workout

Alleviate frustrations by channelling your stress into various boxing drills and boxfit circuit exercises at our Bundall holistic fitness studio.

Designed to get your heart pumping, these cardio-focused boxfit training classes will quickly escalate your fitness levels. While classes have an emphasis on the upper body, we make sure you get a great full body workout with numerous drills that incorporate functional fitness exercises and running drills.

Boxing classes in our Bundall studio are a great way to build or burn off some energy, burn body fat and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Classes are run by experienced instructors who are committed to motivating and inspiring you towards your goals. We work you hard but we have plenty of fun along the way! Whether you’re brand new to the joys of boxing or just looking for a new boxing and boxfit Bundall studio to call your home, come on down and join us for a class.

Are Boxing classes at Grounded for you?

Boxing classes in our Bundall studio are suitable for all levels of experience and fitness.

Our expert instructors will guide beginners through the drills, clearly explaining punching combinations while ensuring good technique and posture. Classes can be taken at your own pace and we always support you to listen to your body when deciding what’s right for you. That said, we’ll also encourage you to push your limits a little, as inching out your comfort zone helps you to grow.

Relieve stress and burn serious calories while building a toned physique

Boxing and boxfit circuit classes in our Bundall studio are the ultimate stress buster.

Take your frustrations out on our pads and bags in a safe, controlled environment and see for yourself how good it feels. On top of this, boxing is a great way to burn calories and get your metabolism firing. So, you’ll burn fat and quickly shape up while alleviating stress. It’s a win win! Since the pads and bags provide pushback when you punch them, boxing is a form of resistance training and helps to maintain strong bones and ligaments. The hit combinations improve your focus, coordination and body awareness while the rotational movements will help to build a strong core. There’s a reason why boxfit classes in our Bundall studio are so popular—come in and see for yourself!

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