4 reasons you’ll love Pilates barre classes

4 reasons you’ll love Pilates barre classes

Pilates barre classes fuse together elements of Pilates and ballet for a fun and energetic workout. Utilising the barre (handrail) and other equipment such as weights, bands, balls and gliders, classes offer a complete body workout. No previous dance or Pilates experience is necessary as movements are simple and easy to pick up. If you’re yet to experience Pilates barre classes for yourself, here are five reasons you’ll end up falling so in love with it, you’ll want to add it into your weekly routine.

1.Great for flexibility

Flexibility is an important aspect of ballet and as such you’ll find it’s a key principle in barre too. Pilates barre classes are about building strength and flexibility for long, lean muscles. You’ll be guided through a number of whole body stretches in amongst the exercises you do. Flexibility means less tension in the body, greater mobility and injury prevention.

2.Pilates barre classes are just fun

The perfect combination of dance movements and Pilates exercises, barre classes are just so much fun! You don’t need good coordination or fitness, but classes will help you with both. We put on good tunes and work our way to strong, fitter bodies! What’s not to love?

3.It’s a low impact exercise

Barre classes are great for injury rehabilitation and prevention because they’re a low impact exercise. This doesn’t mean you’re not working your muscles hard! Barre is all about working key muscle groups to fatigue. It’s just that you do this through everyday movements like squats and lunges and using your body weight as resistance rather than anything too high impact. We’ll work all the muscles around your shoulders, hips, knees, spine and ankles which will help build up strength after an injury or prevent one from happening in the first place.

4.Plié your way to a strong booty, arms, legs and core quickly

Because of the way barre exhausts and stretches every muscle group, it quickly increases your muscle density which means you get results fast. Think strong, toned, lean muscles that increase your functional movement and help boost your energy and metabolism!

If you’re looking for a fun, low impact yet results-driven exercise, you just can’t go past barre classes. Come and try a class and see for yourself.