4 ways Pilates reformer classes will change your body

Have you fallen in love with Pilates reformer classes yet?

This dynamic approach to exercise is a member favourite at Grounded—and for good reason. Not only will you come away from these classes feeling challenged to just the right level, over time they will begin to change your body in a number of positive ways. Here’s what you can expect to notice.

1. Improved posture

Correct form is a key focus in Pilates reformer classes. You are trained to place your spine into ‘neutral’ position (which is essentially where the three curves naturally present in your spine are maintained) and maintain it through each exercise. In doing so, you activate all the postural muscles responsible for holding you upright and elongating your spine.

The repetitive engagement of these muscles, along with the activation of other key muscles in your body (your core, for example) naturally begins to shift your sitting and standing posture. Since you’ll be challenged to think about the way in which you’re moving your body in your Pilates reformer classes, your awareness of your movements throughout the day also increases so you learn to catch yourself when your posture slips.

2. Strengthened core

Reformer classes offer a wide range of exercises designed to strengthen muscles from head to toe but there is a strong emphasis on developing the core. Having a strong, stable core is not just all about how our tummy looks, it’s a foundation for a healthy body and key for being able to maintain mobility through your life. In fact, a significant amount of lower back pain is associated with poor core strength. So, not only will Pilates reformer classes help to tighten and strengthen your tummy, butt and back muscles, they can help to alleviate back pain.

3. Increased flexibility

There are two different types of flexibility—active and passive. Pilates reformer classes will help you to achieve both. Think of active flexibility as a combination of strength and flexibility such as when an acrobat (or advanced yogi) can put their legs into a complete split from a handstand. Passive flexibility would be moving into the splits on the floor and using the ground and gravity to get you further.

Pilates reformer classes include exercises that increase the strength and mobility of your muscles both actively and passively. Whether being able to do the splits is on your bucket list or not, active and passive flexibility will result in greater agility, stability and mobility which to you means less pain, tension and risk of injury.

4. Better muscle tone

Did you know that from the age of 30 onwards, unless you actively maintain or build muscle mass, you begin to lose it? This is one of the ways in which body fat levels can begin to change as we age, since muscle is one of the key drivers that keeps our metabolism fast.

Building muscle also helps to keep your bones strong and healthy and prevents injury. So not only will you begin to notice visible changes to your muscle tone from regular Pilates reformer classes, you’ll be reaping in the associated benefits of it too!

Learn more about how we do Pilates reformer classes at Grounded or check out our timetable to see our current class offerings. Our reformer classes are included in our $30pw membership along with a variety of other holistic fitness classes. We can’t wait to see you there!